What fuels my passion for nature/the environment/agriculture?

If you ever have talked to me about things that get me excited, you know it is much more entertaining then me writing about it....and much more lengthy.

So, to keep it short, here is what drives me to be an ever growing naturalist, conservationist, steward and teacher:

  • sustainable agriculture
  • environmental literacy
  • agricultural literacy
  • food security 
  • water conservation
  • water security
  • wildlife conservation
  • practical practices of conservation
  • local awareness before global awareness
  • pollinators
  • cheetahs
  • forbs
  • nature 
  • bugs - the good, the bad (not at all) and the ugly
  • the simple moments when our youngest students have curiosity about nature still, have an aha moment and enjoy being outside....just like in the classroom when a student get its, the same feeling. :)
Be prepared when you ask me about something I LOVE.....

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